10 Habits That Improve Your Appearance

If your not happy with how you look in the mirror, then you need to take the steps necessary to change it. When you improve your appearance your changing other peoples perception of you and thus making yourself more confident and having better interactions with them. It doesn’t matter if your trying to pick up a girl at the bar or make a good impression at a job interview your appearance is very important.

Habit #1:Drink more water

Most of us are extremely dehydrated and we don’t even know it. The standard eight glasses of water a day should be more of a starting point then the goal your working towards. Water is essential for so many functions in your body that you don’t ever want to be running low. If you want to feel less tired and have glowing skin you need to stay hydrated.;Ideally you want to keep your urine a pale yellow color by drinking plenty of water and tea’s and less soda and high calorie drinks that dehydrate you.

Habit #2:Sleep 8 hours a night

All of us have stayed up too late and had to settle for less sleep then we should have gotten. All this is doing is setting yourself up for failure the next day. When your tired you will be functioning at half capacity and this will effect your attitude and your performance at work. Ever seen yourself in the mirror when your running on low sleep? your face looks like someone has given you a couple black eyes.

Habit# 3: Exercise Daily

This habit is not a negotiable one. I’m not saying you need to workout everyday for hours, but you need to be uncomfortable a few times a week and keeping up with some activity the other days. Losing weight and creating muscle will be a huge game changer. You will feel better, clothes will fit great and you will be more appealing to men and women.

Habit# 4: Regular Haircuts

A good haircut can make or break your look and the longer your hair is the longer you can likely get away with getting it cut. You need to look at haircuts like someone who shaves or keeps some stubble on there face. Regular up keep is the way to go, don’t wait until your hair looks terrible to get it trimmed. The shorter your hair is the more often you need to get it cut and I would suggest 10 – 42 days depending on where you land on the scale.

Habit# 5: Manscaping

The term manscaping refers to grooming a man body. I’m not sure where this originated, but people always get a laugh when you explain it to them. Although this is becoming more mainstream it’s surprising how many guys don’t manscape. Waxing, shaving etc can go a long ways in to improving your appearance and the lack of manscaping will put most people off, So man up and get it done.

Habit# 6: Eat Real Food

If your carrying around a keg instead of a six pack you need to have a good look at what your consuming in a day. Put down the Doritos and 2 litre of cola and start eating real food that hasn’t been processed to death. Next time you hit the grocery store follow the perimeter of the store where the real food is located, stop eating junk in those isles that makes you look and feel like a slob.

Habit# 7: Wear Clothes that fit

Trying to cover up some extra weight with baggy clothing not only doesn’t work, it will actually make you look worse. You want clothing that fits you properly regardless of what size your wearing. Being fit will always make clothing fit your body better and look much nicer, it’s a pretty nice perk of working out and eating right. If your a bigger guy you still want to follow the same guidelines and get clothing that fits you properly. Often getting your items tailored for a better fit is well worth the investment.

Habit# 8:Brush & Floss daily

This may seem like a no brainer to you, but I bet a lot of you aren’t doing one or the other on a regular basis. Brushing your teeth is one thing, flossing is a whole other animal and if you ask around you will find not many are doing it daily. Living in a day of less sleep and more coffee you can find yourself with less then desirable looking teeth in a hurry. Stay on top of your brushing and use a whitening tooth paste if necessary. Floss at least once a day to keep things out of your teeth and avoid irritating your gums.

Habit# 9: Cleansing & Moisturizing

Have you ever wondered how male models always seem to have impeccable skin?. There is a lot of airbrushing going on to perfect things, but generally there skin is quite clear. They use an exfoliate to remove any dead skin, a cleanser to clean any dirt that you have accumulated during the day and a moisturizer to replenish your skin after your done. This regimen combined with a proper diet, exercise and being well hydrated can work very effectively.;The products you use and how often will depend on different things such as your skin type and what you happen to be doing during the day.

Habit# 10: Posture

Walking around hunched over with your shoulders forward does not make you look like a confident man, it looks more like your depressed or not proud of who you are and that isn’t attractive. Bad posture is everywhere and although there is many causes for it, a weak upper back can be part of the problem. Were constantly looking down at things like our cellphones to text or sitting in office chairs for hours and it’s terrible for our posture.

You want to walk around like a silver back gorilla. Chest puffed out. Shoulder back and head held high. Without making it look like you have invisible lat syndrome ( ILS ).

As one of my favorite writer and motivational speakers Jim Rohn said “Whats easy to do, is easy not do and that’s the case with all 10 of these habits that improve your appearance. You can over look them and try and find a quick fix somewhere else, but consistent effort towards your health and how you take care of your body will give you the most dramatic results when it comes to your appearance.

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