20 Amazing Beaches Worth Getting In Shape For

One of the biggest motivators for people to get in shape is an approaching beach vacation usually somewhere hot. Those who wouldn’t normally workout or watch there diet are suddenly regular gym goers and shopping at whole foods markets for fresh produce instead of taking a trip to burger king. It’s amazing what a vacation can do for your body.

[ There is something special about a perfectly sculpted body and a gorgeous beach that just work. Next time you plan a vacation bring a six pack, don’t be the guy carrying around the keg…]

I think everyone has a few beaches they really want to visit, but haven’t had the time off work or the necessary funds to make it happen. I’m listing 20 world class beaches that I hand picked and will eventually see them all with any luck!. If you have been to any of them or have better suggestions I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

One of the first beaches that came to mind was Bondi Beach, I have heard it’s name many times and have always wanted to go. It’s one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Each year 10’s of thousands of people from all walks of life visit this beach making it also one of the busiest in Australia. If your in the area this 1 kilometer stretch of golden sands is a must see.

Just last fall I visited this beach and it wasn’t even on my “must see ” list at the time. I happened to be on the east coast and we made a trip out to PEI. It’s famous for Anne of Green Gables and has an amazing beach and sand dunes that go along for miles. Although there is many nice beaches in Canada, you won’t likely see many on peoples bucket list.

This location caught my eye while browsing through pictures of the worlds best beaches. After further investigation it’s no surprise I was drawn in by the pictures because it’s said to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing on the island. Cabbage beach offers a long stretch of white powder like sand with strong currents not far off shore, not advised for weak swimmers which is one of it’s downfalls.I took interest in Byron Bay after hearing stories from my friend who spent time there with his best mate. Main beach is said to be dominated by the surf club with tiny grains of sand and clear clean water it’s no wonder it’s so popular. Just off main beach is the location of a sunken ship known as the SS Wollongbar which created a surf break now called “The Wreck”. I hope to get the opportunity to surf the wreck one day it sounds amazing.

If you think this beach looks familiar it’s likely because you have seen it advertised on a postcard in the past. This is one of the most famous beaches in Thailand and being only accessible by boat makes it one of the more exclusive locations. Amazing white sand beaches, limestone cliffs and spectacular view points to explore.

When I think South beach Miami, Florida movies like Scar face with Tony Montana and TV shows like Miami Vice come to mind. South beach also known as “sobe ” has a lot of sex appeal. Modeling agencies located right off from the topless beach. Flashy cars, bikini babes and booming music. This isn’t your typical family get away, but for the young or young at heart this could be the ultimate playground for your hard earned body.

Around 5 years ago I went on a Caribbean cruise on the Emerald Princess and one of the nicest stops we made was to Grenada. I don’t recall the name of the beach we visited, but we should have checked out Grand Anse Beach. This beach is over 2 miles long and is one of the most popular among travelers and locals. It’s position on the island shelters it from wind and rough waters making it an ideal place to swim and scuba dive.

I have never been to bora bora, but I have read up on there amazing beaches many times before. One of my best friends and I always talk about how we will be retiring in one of there huts on the water. Matira beach is the nicest on the island and with white sandy beaches and scenery that has to be seen to believe this in my opinion may be the nicest beach in the world. I will let the picture speak for itself.

This beach is said to be the birth place of skinny dipping dating back to 1936. According to an article I read King Edward VIII and a man named Wallis Simpson obtained permission to bathe naked in the inlet from the authorities and people have been doing it ever since on the islands beaches. The sea is shallow even half a kilometer out, So it’s an ideal place to practice your swimming abilities.

Hot water beach is a very accurate name for this kiwi hot spring. Near by volcanoes create large underground reservoirs of extremely hot water that make there way to surface cooling along the way. Families can be seen digging there own mini spa pools during low tide. Definitely a place to visit the next time your in New Zealand.

The name really says it all ‘ Shell Beach” is one of many beautiful beaches located in St. Barths, but none of them can come close to it’s ratio of shells to sand. Being a very calm cove this is the place to be for swimming and working on your tan. It’s not the nicest beach I have seen, but the shells make it very unique.

I like this beach because of it’s seclusion. It’s located on a protected gulf island just west of Fort Myers and is only accessible by a one hour boat ride making it very private. Many of the beaches are said to be nearly vacant even during the busy spring months because of the commute.

Being from Vancouver Island I have had the pleasure of visiting Long beach many times since I was quite young and it never dissapoints. It’s the longest beach on the west coast of vancouver island, Long beach has it all. Perfect for surfers, kayakers, beach combers and sand castle builders.

Harbour island is very well known for it’s pale pink sandy beaches. Over 3 miles long and in some cases as wide as 100 feet make it one of the best pink sand beaches in the world. The colour is fascinating and it comes from microscopic shelled animals known as Foraminifera which have pink or red shells that end up on shore.

Said to be the second most beautiful beach in the world according to the Discovery channel. The beach is a half mile wide and horse shoe shaped. It’s the most popular beach in Culebra, but usually not that busy. White sand, crystal clear waters makes it a post card worthy location you must see if your in Peurto Rico.

I was intrigued by this beach and spent sometime researching it. It reminds me a bit of South Beach, but at the same time quite different. It’s a 2.5 mile stretch of breath taking beach filled with many different groups of people. Most travel sites advise you be careful where you swim and consider not straying to far at night.

Maho Beach is a beautiful location, although it’s not famous for it’s white sands or clear waters. It happens to be located just meters away from the air port run way where planes must touch down as early as possible because of the short 7,500 ft landing strip. This is such a popular event that flight arrival & departures are listed at local bars.

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