Welcome to Modern Man Fitness!

My name is Shawn John and I have been working out for over a decade.

I started this blog in 2010 without a clue how it all works and how I was going to reach people. After sitting idle for four years I came back and started putting all the pieces together.

Never has the web been so full of misleading information on health and fitness. More gadgets and “easier ” and ” faster ” solutions will never be the answer. I’m not selling any snake oil here, what you will find on this blog is based around hard work and things that have been effective forever.

What is Modern Man Fitness?

This isn’t your regular Mens Fitness site. I won’t be blogging about “12 ways to get six pack abs ” or “how to attract women”. MMF is about being a man and training your body for optimal health and to be a functional weapon.

Modern man has become weak and pathetic. Go back a couple generations and your grand father at your age would have man handled you.

I’m going to write on a lot of the basic exercises and nutrition that has been effective for years and help you turn your body in to a weapon.

Here is a few questions to ask yourself:

. Can I defend myself?
. Can I do over 10 pull ups?
. Can you do over 20 push ups?
. Can you squat twice your body weight?
. Can you run a mile without passing out?
. Do you eat real unprocessed food?

If you answered YES to more then three of these questions then I congratulate you because you are in the minority.

The majority of men struggle with conquering even one of those tasks above. The world can be a tough place and there is people who want to take what you have and will walk all over you. The absolute least you can do for yourself is be strong and healthy to give you a fighting chance against everything in the world trying to take you out.

There is a lot of big strong guys who don’t have 30 seconds worth of gas in the tank. And plenty of frail men who can run forever, but couldn’t beat there sister in a wrestling match. We want to train to have very few weaknesses and the looks will come as part of your efforts on the important stuff.

Leaving Comments

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Thanks guys

– Shawn