Chris Weidman’s Workout Routine & Diet Plan For UFC 162

In the summer of 2013 I was listening to a video of George St. Pierre ( GSP ) confidently telling the world that Chris Weidman would dominate Anderson Silva at UFC 162 and being an MMA fan this peaked my interest because I had never heard of him. Long story short Chris knocked out Silva and just 5 short months later he finished him again by breaking his leg. Was this all just luck or did Chris Weidman’s workout routine and nutrition plan give him the edge?.

[ This picture explains it all. Chris Weidman shocked the world with his incredible win over Anderson Silva ]

Thanks to Chris’s sponsor “Monster Milk” I was able to get some in depth information on he prepared for his second bout against Anderson Silva at UFC 168. Chris says this was his most structured fight camp and he brought in fighters from all over the country to help him train for it. He also mentioned the fact he has now added cycling into his Cardio program.

Training plan 8-12 weeks out:


Chris hits pads for about 6 rounds and directly after I have a circuit waiting.



On this day I do a 5 min 5 round circuit with 1 min rest bet.



Here is a link to the original article

In August of 2013 the UFC did an articleon Chris Weidmans diet less then a year out from his first title shot at UFC 162 against Anderson Silva. Chris was taking a few supplements such as a multi-vitamin, fish oil, protein and glucosamine and admitted that he needed to do better. He rated his diet a 8.5 out of 10 and said his strength coach was taking care of his nutrition as well.

Chris admits to having a big sweet tooth, but these days he can’t eat the same junk food and perform at his best. He says he still loves to eat peanut butter, honey and bananas whenever he can though.

Fast forward 2 – 3 months out from his title fight against Silva and his diet and supplement plan have tightened up considerably.

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