How to Eat Healthy When You’re Broke

When it comes to healthy eating there are plenty of excuses guys make to justify their poor diet. One of the biggest excuses I hear is that they’re too broke to eat healthy and that healthy food costs more than the processed stuff. I’m not going to say that isn’t partially true but eating healthy when you’re broke isn’t that hard, you just need to get back to the basics and spend more time cooking.

If you keep things simple it should actually be cheaper to eat clean than to eat the junk food. Take a minute and look up your bank statement online and see where your money is going, I bet you will be surprised as to how much is being spent on $7 coffees and restaurant food.

Remember “you are what you eat” and if you’re eating processed garbage you’re going to look and feel like processed garbage. Your body creates new tissues with the food that you give it, this isn’t just a saying, it’s a fact. Do you want to look like a spartan and feel great or keep eating the Walmart chicken fingers and fries because it’s “Cheaper “?

Here are the steps you need to take to turn things around starting today:;I mentioned this at the start of the article and I will mention it again. Login to your online banking and print off the last 3 months or so of banking transactions from your chequing, savings or credit card depending on what you use.

Print off all the pages and highlight all the times you ate out at fast food places or restaurants then highlight any purchases that weren’t necessary. Finally, take a look at what you pay in monthly bills and look at how much interest you are paying on any debts. The main reason for this is because most of us almost never do this and we are burning money without even knowing where it all goes.

You might have lots of money, you just have your priorities all mixed up and that’s why your food budget isn’t great.

Purchasing food in bulk quantities will always be cheaper than getting things in smaller amounts. Of course, you’re going to have to do a little research in your area to determine what you have access to.

In a perfect world you would get your food straight from a local farm that isn’t pumping plants or meat full of pesticides and hormones but unless you’re one of the lucky ones who have access to these places and it’s affordable, you need to look at places like Costco or Walmart and buy in bulk.

Another option is to find any local farmers markets in your area. Here, farmers get together and sell their produce. It’s fresh and usually very affordable. In my area I am close to farms and the city. I can pick up fresh free range eggs for 25 percent less up the street instead of driving in to town and paying more.

All the food you buy should be in it’s natural state and not prepackaged or pre anything. All of these things increase the sell price and cost you more money when you can do it yourself for free.

The idea is to buy things untouched and cook them without a microwave, there is a certain satisfaction with cooking food from scratch and knowing it’s only going to make you stronger.


Buy these in a big bag with the stems still attached to them. Don’t purchase the tiny bag of mini carrots that are ready to eat. Easier is more expensive.

Example:Chicken Thighs

Purchase them in a bigger quantity and get them with skin still on. Don’t purchase the small package of pre marinated skinless ones that are ready to cook.

Example: Cobb Salad

Most grocery stores have some kind of Deli with premade food. Nothing wrong with a Cobb Salad, but you could have 4 salads for the same price if you made it all yourself.

These options aren’t processed but you need to put in the effort to avoid paying a high price.

This is the most important thing you can do to save a buck and eat healthier. It’s also the only way to be 100 percent sure what is going in to your body because you’re the one who made it.

As a man you should know how to cook and if you don’t know then I suggest you pick up a book or two or take some actual lessons. Jamie Oliver has books on this exact subject you can pick up on amazon.

Odds are you already have the necessary stuff in your kitchen to start cooking. A couple pots and pans and a good knife can go a long way for preparing healthy meals.

Below is a list of my favorite healthy money saving foods that I purchase regularly.


You can pick a dozen of these up anywhere and there quite inexpensive. I can get  a dozen free range for $4.


This is another great source of protein. Cheap and can be stored for a very long time.

Ground Beef:

This is one of the cheapest sources of meat around. You can pick up massive bricks of it for next to nothing.

Chicken Thighs:

I like to pick these up with the skin on. It’s another item you can buy large quantities for cheap. Remove the skin yourself and save big.


One of the cheapest items you can pick up. I would make sure you get the organic version because they are priced nearly the same.


I’m a big potato fan and purchase big bags of them regularly. They have a long shelf life and like the other items there quite inexpensive. I keep mine in the fridge.


The yam is a lot more nutrient dense carbohydrate compared to the potato. I eat less of them, but they are quite affordable as well.;Rice:;If you like rice then your in luck because it’s super cheap. I paid less than a dollar a pound for this 35 lb sack I recently purchased.

Frozen Fruit & Vegetables:

Buying fruits and vegetables is usually quite affordable but they don’t keep for very long. You can buy flash frozen and store them for months. Flash meaning picked and instantly frozen.

I covered a lot of the basics of saving money and keeping your diet healthy but I think we are just scratching the surface here. What do you do to save cash while keeping your diet clean?

Leave a comment below if you can add anything to the list above.

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