The Dolce Diet – Whats It All About?

I think just about anyone who likes sports watches MMA or more specifically the UFC fights because it’s the best in the business and arguably has the majority of the best fighters in the world. Lately fighters such as Thiago Alves, Quinton Rampage Jackson and Chael Sonnen to name a few, have been having great performances and credit some of there success to the dolce diet.

The majority of MMA fans have heard of the dolce diet, but they don’t even know what or who is behind it so I did some research.  The guy behind the diet getting rave reviews is Mike Dolce an MMA fighter who was on the ultimate fighter 7 but seems to be even better when it comes to nutrition and training.

After listening to a few interviews with Mike Dolce it’s clear he really knows what hes doing and preaches the same stuff we believe here. It’s all about whole natural foods stuff that comes from the ground and was still around 200 years ago. Also things like plenty of water and vegetables, less supplements and getting away from the bodybuilding style of eating.

The book Mike has for sale is called ” The dolce diet – 3 weeks to shredded ” I have read a few reviews of it in the forums and it apparently is a bit of a case study of a massive cut he did for a fight which is pretty impressive, but not everyone who got the book praised it.

A fair amount of people said the book was quite short and was more or less common sense, but I wouldn’t say anything bad about it because I have yet to get a copy for myself. One of the issues is probably that readers expect something crazy when really the keys to a better body are from natural whole foods.

That being said we will get a copy of the dolce diet and give a better review for people curious about it as us at MMF.

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