Tyson Beckford’s Workout Regimen for the Runway

In 1993 Tyson Beckford was recruited by Ralph Lauren to become the face of the company’s polo line of there male sportswear. Over 20 years later he is still going strong, it’s almost hard to believe he has been modeling for two decades because he doesn’t seem too have aged. I dug up some of the “secrets” to his workout routine and diet that have kept him in prime condition all these years.

When you look at Beckford you see a man who is built like an athlete and if you showed someone who doesn’t watch football his picture they would probably take your word for it that he played in the NFL. When you think of professional athletes you assume they are pumping some serious iron, but that isn’t the case with Tyson Beckford’s workout program, in fact far from it.

In recent interviews Tyson says he never had a gym membership and has been sticking to a routine of calisthenics since he was 13 years old. Every morning he gets up and does a range of 200 – 1000 push ups and 300 – 600 sit ups everyday with the reps dependent on what kind of time he has that day.

As for his cardio Tyson likes to mix it up with a variety of things such as cycling through the city and intense jump rope intervals. He describes his workout routine a lot like Tony Horton’s P90x, taking things from one extreme to the next really pushing himself.

Much like any good diet Tyson sticks to the basics and it’s whole natural foods that are organic and he takes in plenty of water. He keeps most sugary foods, read meat and alcohol out of his diet and takes in plenty of vegetables, seafood and healthy sources of fat.

Here is a quote from the huffington post:;Beckford says: “A lot of them have a Diet Coke and cigarette diet. I don’t know how they do it, I can’t do it — I need to have some real food in my stomach. I don’t even drink soda, I don’t smoke, I avoid it all “;Tyson’s diet is far from a secret, He eats how you know you should be eating and that’s the major player in his youthful appearance and chizzled body.

In 2014 Tyson is coming out with his very own piece of workout equipment he calls ” The Beckford Bar “. He has said in recent interviews him and a good friend designed the bar over 3 years ago and it’s what he does all of his push ups on now.

To use the beckford bar you would get in to a normal push up position with your hands on the red handles and slide them to the outside without touching the edges. Tyson says that this bar is a big part of what created the V shape in his body and that it really keeps his upper body and chest toned.

Although this bar seems to be working for Tyson Beckford it certainly isn’t a required piece of fitness equipment and if your going to buy equipment for push ups I would suggest picking up a cheap pair of push up stands from Walmart, they offer better depth and are inexpensive.

As of writing this it’s not available yet, but you can get more information on there website www.beckfordbar.com. Recent interviews had him hinting he may also come out with an ab wheel in the future as well. If anyone purchases the beckford bar I would love to hear all about it in the comments below.

The take home from this whole article is that even if your one of the most famous male models in the world you still have to stick to basic principles to achieve the results your after. You can’t be healthy, look like an adonis and barely age in two decades without consistently getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating healthy and working out regularly.

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